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Silicones are used in wide variety of industries. They are highly registant to UV, heat and humidity

Further, they are produced in many forms including silicone fluids, resins, liquid rubbers and solid rubbers.

Silicones play a vital role in practically all fields including the electronics industry, the transportation industry, chemicals, textiles, foods, cosmetics, bio and the construction industry

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Industrial Solution

We can supply various chemical materials with best quality and have many markets in paint, coating, adhesives, urethane, electronic chemicals, synthesis, industrial cleaners and construction.

Also our experienced sales people can provide professional technical service and new material sourcing.

We have been business with global suppliers for 30 years and strong relationship with global partners in Asia, USA and Europe.

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Home & Personal Care

Since 1988, Yuchang F.C. has supplied high quality of cosmetic raw materials in domestic and foreign countries, pursuing human beauty.

By combination of high tech service support and reliable supply of qualified materials, we have achieved customer satisfaction.